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(Current Turnaround Time is 7 days)

What's Included:

This product includes a personalized analysis by a certified vultologist of your facial expressions, body mannerisms, voice tone and gesticulations. The report comes complete with the following items:

  1. Type + Development: You will be given a type designation + development levels at a resolution of 1 in 1024.
  2. PDF Signals Report: Your printable report will arrive to you by email with a PDF sheet that shows which of the 60+ signals you display.
  3. Email Debriefing: This product includes an email correspondence (2-3 messages) explaining the type results with you and answering any immediate questions.
  4. Detailed Analysis (OPTIONAL): This is a $30 bonus option. If selected, your report will come with a detailed, multi-page analysis of why your type is what it is, making use of animated GIFs and screenshots from your video that specifically evidence the results in the report.
  5. 2 Reader Blind Experiment (OPTIONAL): This is a $40 bonus option. If selected, you will receive two PDF reports done blindly by two certified vultologists, with no communication. You will also receive a "consensus" typing between the two, after the blindfold is removed. This option ensures the greatest level of accuracy, ensuring one reader catches any error that another may have made.

How to Submit your Video:

For the best possible results, these are recommended:

  • 2 Videos, in different settings
    • One video should be done in an interview format (in-person or via vidchat), with someone asking you questions. This is important for the visibility of all signals. If you don't have another person available, our Discord community is willing to help you make one. You can follow this link to get to our Discord Chat .
    • The second video can be solo, or also with someone. It can be about anything you'd like to talk about, but preferably something you're knowledgeable of and can elaborate on. You can also use random questions if you need to fill up the video time.
  • The videos should be at least 5-10 minutes long.
  • You can submit more than 2 videos, by adding additional links in the "Notes" section upon checkout. More is better.

Ideal Video Conditions

  • Have the camera capture you from the waist up with freedom of movement of your hands.
  • The camera must also be positioned at eye-level.
  • Lighting and quality is important: try to have clear lighting on your face and especially your eyes – and little or no makeup.
  • Glasses are okay, we need to see how your eyes focus on the environment when they can see properly.
  • Speaking in your native language is okay, and preferable.

If you are using a phone, position it in the horizontal/landscape orientation, not vertically:

Random Questions:

For the video, it’s best if your answers to questions are not premeditated, to capture the way in which you approach new information. To help with this, the following 10 questions are generated at random with each page view. Feel free to refresh the page anytime to get a new listing of unfamiliar questions.

You can use these questions, or anything else as a prompt. What's most important is being as natural as possible. Being on camera can cause you to be unnaturally stiff. If you get through all the questions quickly and still haven't relaxed, continue to talk freely about any topic you enjoy, until you've acclimated to the setting. This will ensure the most accurate reading.


You must be 18 years or older to submit your video for analysis - but parents/guardians can purchase a report on behalf of minors. Please also note that this vultology report may not match your self-typing according to other typological systems, and only represents a proper typing within the Cognitive Typology system. Also, while we aim to predict your personal psychology through your expressions, this report is primarily a service for the identification of your expressive profile. Our report may not necessarily match your self-perception and is chiefly meant to provide you with a window into how you gesture and how your expressive signature compares to that of other individuals in our ever-growing database. Be advised, this service is non-refundable!

Opt into Database?

Would you like to be a part of our research project? If so, click "Yes" on the option above to contribute to your data to our database! By leaving this checked "Yes", you agree to let Cognitive Typology use a 2:00-2:30 minute portion of your video as an example of your specific development and to use the clip for educational purposes. We take your privacy very seriously and will be sure to not include highly sensitive or personal information in the selected clips. Surnames are also omitted by default and first names may be replaced with an alias upon email request.

If you check "no", Cognitive Typology will not use your clip in our public database or in public resources, however please note that by purchasing this product you automatically consent to allow the Cognitive Typology's core team to use your video for our internal research and vultologist training. Thank you very much! is based on the reading methodology first published in "Cognitive Type" by Juan Eduardo Sandoval. For more information about the theory and its psychological hypotheses, visit the Cognitive Typology Wiki.
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