Cognitive Type eBook


Cognitive Type eBook




Ninety-five years after Carl G. Jung’s original publication of Psychological Types comes a new, experimental model for precisely identifying the different psychologies he described.

This book unravels the truth behind Type by firmly connecting psychological processes to micro-expressions which can be read to determine a person’s way of formulating ideas, making decisions and storing memories.

This book takes the reader on an experimental journey to discuss their own nature and the nature of those around them in both a psychological and objective way. It answers many questions and human diversity, our kinship with others and the role that our fundamental nature plays in our lifepath.

It sets the groundwork for a whole new approach to psychoanalysis; one that draws no distinction between body and mind, and merges the subjective and objective dimensions of our human experience. is based on the reading methodology first published in "Cognitive Type" by Juan Eduardo Sandoval. For more information about the theory and its psychological hypotheses, visit the Cognitive Typology Wiki.
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